• Experience: more than 40 years of extensive international technical, commercial and business development experience. Leading numerous corporate transactions of acquisitions and selling of companies worldwide: Spain, Italy, UK, Germany and Latino America, as well as debt refinancing operations. Managing Director of Alcatel Business Systems España and Auna (Amena, Retevision). CEO of ITT- Automotive España and Alstom España. Board Member in numerous companies; AT Kearney, Eyelock, Delaware, Deca, Inclam, Zemsania, Azkoyen, Ambers&Co, CLH, Mediaset, Rodman, Aertec, Ernst&Young, Norman Broadbent, Infoglobal, Sogecam, Tecnobit, Digitex, Davinci, Tice, Pricewaterhouse, Hay Consulting.
  • Education: Industrial Engineering (Universidad of Navarra). MBA (PDG), IESE.