EllaLink is an optical submarine cable that will link Brazil (Santos, Fortaleza) and Portugal (Sines) to address the increasing demand for international capacity. The cable is a 4-fiber-pair cable linking Santos (São Paulo – Brazil), Fortaleza (Ceará – Brazil) and Sines (Alentejo – Portugal). Three intermediate branches are also being planned to land in Cabo Verde, the Canary Islands and Madeira. The main section of the cable traveling from Sines to Santos is approximately 9,400km, with the branch from the main trunk to Fortaleza measuring approximately 730 km.

In June 2015, Telebras and IslaLink incorporated Cabos Brasil Europa S.A. to build EllaLink. Today, the international capacity connecting Latin America to North America is 1,000 times that connecting it to Europe. However, independent research studies show that at present Europe is where the largest volumes of traffic are exchanged at the lowest costs. EllaLink’s key objective is to provide a competitive, general purpose international connection, however its connectivity extends well beyond delivering a single connection to address the following needs in Latin America and Europe:

Why Brazil

  • Brazil is the largest and fastest growing broadband market in the region
  • It accounts for half of the demand in Latin America
  • Fortaleza is the major interconnection hub for submarine cables in the
    South Atlantic
  • RNP is by far the biggest Research and Education Network in the region
  • Telebras is working to develop interconnections with all neighboring
    countries in South America

Why Europe?

  • Europe is where the highest volumes of international traffic are
  • Europe is today the world’s most competitive Telecoms market
  • Mainland Europe is closer to Brazil than the USA
  • The European and Latin-American Research and Education
    communities need this link to reinforce an already successful

System Characteristics

  • 4 fiber pairs trunk from Sines to Praia Grande
  • 1 FP branch to Fortaleza via a Reconfigurable OADM BU and one Full Fiber Drop
  • Design Spectrum per FP: 36 nm
  • “Open Cable” allowing upgrades with different SLTE providers
  • Design Capacity 120 x 100 Gbps (QPSK) per FP upgradable to 120×150
    Gbps (8QAM)
  • 3 optional intermediate landings (Cabo Verde, Canary Islands, Madeira)
  • Dual-end powering with single-end operation in case of failure supported.
  • Minimum 1.0 meter target burial depth to a water depth of 1,000 meters
    25 year design lifetime


João Pedro Flecha De Lima

João Pedro Flecha De Lima


Jesús Bernad

Jesús Bernad

Europe Sales Account Executive

Juan José  Candalija

Juan José Candalija


Erivan Paiva

Erivan Paiva

Brazil Sales Account Executive