IslaLink’s mission is to deliver the managed bandwidth global telecommunications providers rely on by deploying and operating next-generation submarine cables. Through its vision, determination and experience it strives to provide the foundation upon which operators are able to develop competitive offerings and ultimately contribute to enhanced connectivity for its customers and the advancement of the global telecommunications industry.

Business Principles

IslaLink holds its customers and investors in the highest regard. This respect for those who help lay the Company’s foundation has driven us to operate under the following key principles:

  • Commitment – We are a neutral and independent infrastructure operator committed to the telecommunications industry and information society, striving to serve its key actors.
  • Customers – They are our reason for being – We are a company built on collaboration, not competition. Our business is about serving our customers with the highest-quality service through mutually beneficial relationships. We never compete with our customers.
  • Mutually Beneficial Relationships – We develop strong, productive and long term in-win relationships deeply rooted in trust and respect. Together we share our successes.
  • Infrastructure – Our infrastructure is an essential element. We provide strategic infrastructure for the development of the telecommunication operators’ offer in operational and competitive conditions.
  • Capital – Our investors lay the foundation on which we operate. We hold our investor relations in the highest regard and ensure remuneration in return for their investments.

Fiera Infrastructure

Fiera Infrastructure is a leading investor across all subsectors of the infrastructure asset class. Led by a team of highly experienced and specialized professionals, we leverage our strong global relationships and rigorous approach to investment and asset management, in combination with Fiera Capital’s excellence in portfolio management and personalized investment solutions. Our uniquely diversified funds recognize the exclusive characteristics of this alternative asset class, while optimizing governance and alignment with investors.

Fiera Infrastructure acquired IslaLink in July 2018. For further information on Fiera Infrastructure, please visit www.fierainfrastructure.com.


Luís Álvarez – Chairman
Jason Cogley – Director
Jaime Galobart – Director
Esther Garcés – Director
Alina Osorio – Director


Esther Garcés

Esther Garcés


Teresa Mendoza

Teresa Mendoza


Salvador Martinez

Salvador Martinez

Director Engineering

Joan Moya

Joan Moya


Ricardo Rodrigo

Ricardo Rodrigo

Director Submarine Business Development

History & Founders

Vision, determination and experience

In 1999 Alfonso Gajate took the initiative of creating a neutral and independent submarine cable operator, Ross Mullins joined as CFO and the company was incorporated on July 28th. In September Bruce Raw (who passed away in 2014) joined as CTO. The team combined the necessary skills and experience, to deploy a submarine cable route between the Spanish mainland and the Balearic Islands known as BalaLink.

The initial financial shareholders were Banco Santander, Bancaja and SaNostra – based in Madrid, Valencia and Baleares Islands.  They were key in the initial cable launch. When Banco Santander disinvested all its non-banking activities, Banca March, through Corporation Finanaciera Alba, became the financial shareholder. When IslaLink initiated its CanaLink project, CUBE Infrastructures Fund Became the reference financial shareholder and, when IslaLink launched EllaLink, EQT took the leading and financial shareholder.

Headquartered in Madrid, Spain, IslaLink is an independent and neutral telecommunications operator specialized in submarine fiber-optic systems and related activities. IslaLink’s mission is to deploy and operate submarine fiber-optic cables and other fiber-based infrastructure in underserved markets and to provide its customers with the top quality managed bandwidth services they require.

To date, IslaLink has deployed and operated submarine fiber-optic systems representing investments of more than EUR 125 million and 2,200km of optical fiber with a total of 10 landing stations and approximately 1,500km of terrestrial network.

IslaLink is now owned by Fiera Infrastructure, a leading investor across all subsectors of the infrastructure asset class. Fiera Infrastructure acquired IslaLink in July 2018. For further information on Fiera Infrastructure, please visit www.fierainfrastructure.com.

Main Milestones

1999: Creation of IslaLink

2001: Laying of the first cable to the Balearic Islands → BalaLink

2011: Laying of the cable to the Canary Islands → CanaLink project

2011: First POP in Marseilles in service → OranLink

2012: Laying of the branch to Asilah (Morocco) → Loukkos project

2014: EQT enters as the investor partner of IslaLink

2015: Telebras and IslaLink create EllaLink, the Joint Venture for the construction of a submarine cable that will directly connect Brazil and Europe → EllaLink

2018: IslaLink starts operating a terrestrial fiber ring in Mallorca

2018: Fiera Infrastructures acquires 100% of IslaLink